Neurotoxin Treatment Katy TX

Did you now Le Chloé now offers advanced filler & neurotoxin treatment Katy TX?  Yes, that's right!  Our Master Injectors don't just utilize fillers for plumping lips, cheeks & smoothing out your marionette lines.

Did you know that with a little filler, over very own Master Injector, Robert Rossi, can perform a non-surgical nose job?! 

Here at Le Chloé we not only perform treatments and procedure to enhance your appearance.  We also, offer advanced neurotoxin treatments to improve your overall confidence, health, & well being!

Corrective Dermal Filler Treatments

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Dermal Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to typically  restore lost volume and fullness to the face.  However, a highly skilled master injector can also  use dermal fillers for corrective work. 

At Le Chloé Med Spa our Master Injectors are true artists and can work wonders on various skin afflictions such as scaring, ridges, dimpling and even a nose you are unhappy with!  Previously, unless you wanted to go under the knife, you had to "live" with it!  

Well,  not anymore!  

Want to know if we can help? Book you no-obligation consultation today with a Le Chloé Mater Injector!

Advance Neurotoxin Treatments Katy TX

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Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment for

One of the most common alternative uses for neurotoxin (botox) is to stop embarrassing excess sweating in both men & women!

Picture this: You are on a date, and it’s going really well.
Like, really... really well… you think you could see this going places!

But then you move around in your chair and you realize…you're excessively sweaty.

AH!  You are mortified!  What if they notice? Would it ruin the date?

Or maybe you have a super important meeting.  Sure you already have an extra shirt stashed in your office - just in case you sweat through the first one. 

But, did you know that your can stop this embarrassment before it even happens with a Le Chloé neurotoxin treatment Katy TX?
Botox stops extreme sweating by blocking a chemical in the body that activates the sweat glands.

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Master Injector, Robert Rossi, RN injecting neurotoxin into a man's armpit.

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment Katy TX
can stop excess sweating in these areas:

  • Underarms

  • Palm of your hands

  • Groin & Buttocks

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment for

Another alternative use for neurotoxin (botox) is to treat symptoms of temporomandibular joint, more commonly know as TMJ disorder.

A person with black gloves injecting advanced neurotoxin treatment Katy TX into a woman's jaw for TMJ. The woman's eyes are closed and there is white pencil on her cheek to map where the injections go

Le Chloé Master Injector using Botox to relieve TMJ

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment Katy TX  helps relieve TMJ related jaw tension.
Did you know that you may benefit most from this treatment even if other methods haven't worked in the past?!

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment for

Chronic Migraines

Another alternative use for neurotoxin (botox) is to relieve the pain of chronic migraines.

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment Katy TX prevents headaches and Migraines before they even start!

Advanced Neurotoxin Treatment for
Incontinence & Sexual Wellness

Have you ever heard of the O-SHOT?  This advanced neurotoxin treatment has been a game changer for many women!