Hand Rejuvenation Katy TX

Hand rejuvenation Katy TX is a combination of cosmetic treatments that wonderfully restore the youthfulness in our hands. As we age, the hands lose volume, develop brown spots, and even wrinkles which makes them look frail and weak. In turn, making us look frail and weak!  

The truth is, most of the time our face and neck get all the ant-aging treatment attention.  But did you know that your hands can make you appear older than you even are??

Le Chloé Med Spa's Hand rejuvenation Katy TX
can restore volume to the hands and eliminate age spots, creating beautiful results.

How Does Hand Rejuvenation Work?

At Le Chloé, we use a combination of treatments to restore the youthfulness to your hands. For the volume loss, we will use dermal fillers. This naturally increases the volume in the skin, making the hands look more supple and youthful. And the best part is... after a few brief injections, you'll immediately notice subtle plumpness to your hands.  

In order to eliminate age spots, we use laser resurfacing. The candela treatment uses laser energy to target and treat the pigmented skin responsible for age spots, producing a more even skin tone as a result.